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Dine on Us, a 501c3 nonprofit organization EIN# 88-1338863, is on a mission to provide off base dining and entertainment opportunities for our active military families who are not able to do so for themselves due to economic hardships. 

It was brought to our attention that our active enlisted military families are on a pay scale low enough to qualify them for government assistance programs like food stamps and WIC.  They were living in poverty prior to the Covid pandemic even with an additional second income.  As soon as the pandemic hit, the spouse had to quit his/her job or quarantine off base for two weeks before he/she was able to return home.

Now that the restrictions have loosened, the spouses are still limited to work because the outsourced day care is still not allowed back on the base and many spouses’ professional licenses are not transferrable in the state of New Jersey.

Dine on Us was denied access to bring meals to the base, so we decided to find ways to get the military families off the base; either as a much-need family night out, a long overdue date night, entertainment vouchers, a gas card, and groceries.  These are all the basic liberties of life that our active military cannot enjoy.

To our active military families, we have your families back, while you’re out there protecting ours!

“From our table to yours, Dine on Us!”